NFTs for Builders

Editable pixel art NFTs on Ethereum that empower builders to do more, for less.

OnChainPixels NFT Owner Benefits

Our mission is to create fun and useful things for the NFT eco-system, not only giving free/premium access to holders. But also funneling the revenue from these tools back to holders!

Premium access to Super IPFS

Get free premium access to the Super IPFS gateway and forget about handling your own infrastucture or cache.

Staking on SentiMeta

Stake OnChainPixels NFTs against projects on SentiMeta to rank them up in the featured section. Endorse the projects you love to help them flourish.

Free Snapshotify Credits

Get free credits for use on Snapshotify every month just by holding OnChainPixels NFTs.

What are we working on now?

We work with various communities to figure out whats missing in the Web3 space and what might make the eco-system a little more enjoyable, and make it for our holders.


View your NFTs and tokens across multiple chains, and see critical data such as floor price and volume within a single view.

OnChainPixels holders will gain free premium access to various metrics and insights empowering you to make the best choices, without checking many other sites first.

NFT Event Calendar

We will draw information from many sources to automatically import all NFT events from socal and alpha feeds into a single calendar.

Dont spend an hour trying to find that announcment with the date and time of a mint, just quick search the event in the calendar, and hit remind me!

A Discord for Builders, Traders, Marketers, and Artists

We are working to create a discord that brings together people from all aspects of the NFT eco-system.

And help connect you with the right people to create other communities that successfull in their mission.

How OnChainPixels NFTs Work

Creating pixel art on your NFT for it to display on the wall IS NOT MANDATORY. You still get all benefits of the OnChainPixels just by owning 1 or more, even if its blank.

Step 1
Get an OnChainPixels NFT
Step 2
Edit the NFT
Step 3
Sync and see it on the wall!

What is "The Wall"?

The wall showcases all 10,240,000 pixels in a single explorable image! This 3200x3200 pixel image connects NFTs together allowing for the potential to join them into larger artworks!

Select an NFT in fullscreen mode to see more info!


Ctrl+scroll or pinch to zoom

Frequently Asked Questions

Still confused? feel free to contact us via the OnChainPixels discord.

What is OnChainPixels?

OnChainPixels is a project that aims to create tools and fun apps for the Web3 and NFT space.

We also aim to create a community where we can bring together people from all corners of the metaverse and creat long-term connections that lead to other great projects.

All tools and apps created under OnChainPixels will be free, or give premium access to OnChainPixels holders.

We also aim to generate dividends from any revenue that comes from these tools/apps.

Who is behind this project?

OnChainPixels was started by me, @SamDaryDev. Everything you experience in this project has been made by me so far with no funding whatsoever.

I do have plans to expand the core team when it's needed, but until the project generates revenue via its tools or NFT collection royalties, I will continue this on my own. I do not believe in bringing people into the team, or incentivising holders to buy in, until the value provided is reflected in external interest in the project.

Where can i find more information?

You can join the OnChainPixels discord. We are a small community but are very close and although I will answer any questions you may have, I'm sure any community member will also be able to help.

When is this colleciton minting?

There was an inital mint of a small number of OnChainPixels NFTs initialy for early adopters (the real MVPs).

The rest of the collection will be minted in stages dictated at the project team and current holders discresion.

This may not sound fair or conventional, but it is of the upmost importance that the collection initially land in the hands of people who truly deserve it.

The contract cannot accept any eth funds, all mints will be free, forever.